Beaufort County- Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority advises all of its customers that there is a company in the area asking to enter homes to get water samples and these are not BJWSA employees. No BJWSA employee will ask to enter your home unless you were notified prior to the visit. There may be times when we leave a water bottle by your door and ask you to collect the sample from your home for us. If a BJWSA employee comes to your home, he or she will have an official BJWSA truck, BJWSA uniform, and picture identification. Do not let anyone into your home unless they have proper identification.

This is a company selling water filtration systems. They may mislead customers to believe that they represent a government agency routinely testing drinking water. They also may misrepresent your drinking water as having “medical waste” or as being “hard water”, and attempt to sell you their product. They may also ask to test your body’s absorption of chemicals by sticking your finger in the water. All of these claims are false.

BJWSA and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) tests your water in certified laboratories under strict scientific controls. Your drinking water meets all federal and state quality standards for safe drinking water. Additionally, BJWSA’s water is considered “soft”. Purchasing a water filter is a personal choice not a health choice.

If someone claims to be with BJWSA, residents can call BJWSA’s Customer Service for verification at 987-9200 or 757-2667. To receive a consumer confidence report describing what is found in your drinking water, contact our Communications Department at 987-9213 or 987-9219, or read the water quality report.