(Okatie, SC—March 15, 2021) Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority (BJWSA) will launch their inaugural, virtual Triassic Plant Water Treatment Tour on their website Monday, March 22, which is also World Water Day. See how water is older than the dinosaurs, and learn how BJWSA employees are committed to working diligently daily to ensure their efforts result in a safe environment for the community. Visit the event after March 22 at www.bjwsa.org/education-outreach/triassic-plant-tour-water-treatment/.

Participants will take a virtual tour with Chief Water Operator Mark Ferrell at the Chelsea water treatment plant to hear the process from start to finish. Chief of Plant Operations Brian Chemsak and Water Operations Manager Kevin Sexton share the story of the creation of W.E.S., the Water Engineering System, developed to help students learn how water is piped, pumped and distributed to the community by building their own system. Sweet Tea Rex, BJWSA’s dino mascot, participates in The Price is What?, a gameshow about the costs of water (about $0.02/gallon) compared to colas, bottled water, gasoline and even sweet tea.

“We hope these clips will bring a better understanding about what it takes to sustain our mission to inspire trust and enhance public health,” says Public Education and Engagement Planner Lou Brown. “We’ve pivoted our in-house tours and public outreach to virtual forums. As soon as we can, we will return to our face-to-face engagement.”

Last October, BJWSA offered a virtual Trick-or-Treatment Wastewater Treatment tour. This event is available at www.bjwsa.org/education-outreach/trick-or-treatment-wastewater-event/. Teachers and parents may visit BJWSA’s resource page at https://bjwsa.org/education-outreach/resources-and-activities-for-teachers-and-parents/ for other educational activities. Learn more about World Water Day at https://www.worldwaterday.org/.

For more information, contact Lou Brown, public education & engagement planner, at 987-8047 or by email at lou.brown@bjwsa.org