Collaborating with local schools, STEM and STEAM events, robotics groups and other educational organizations has been a high point for BJWSA. COVID-19 has placed a temporary restriction on our ability to physically interact at public events or school activities, however we want to continue our partnerships and provide an alternative to our outreach and education resources. Look here for opportunities for experimentation and learning.


Attend our virtual Trick-or-Treatment!

Last year, more than 500 local fifth graders toured our wastewater plants over a two-day period for the inaugural Trick or Treatment. This year we’re offering a virtual Trick or Treatment, and it’s open to all!

Our employees are Super Heroes! Learn what they do every day to ensure that wastewater is properly collected, treated and released – meeting and often EXCEEDING state and federal guidelines.

After you take the tour, you’ll understand more about what it takes to sustain our mission to provide quality water and wastewater services to our current and future customers in the Lowcountry.

Click here to view videos.


Try these engaging activities for future water and wastewater professionals

Use these creative and educational tools to engage with your students and families! Let us know how it worked for you. Send photos to with your analysis of the outcome. A photo release is available here.

Science  Experiments  and educational  explanations

    1. Aquifer in a cup
    2. Watercolor Butterflies
    3. Sink or Float
    4. Water Bottle Flip
    5. Rain Cloud  
    6. Lava Lamp
    7. Dog Toy
    8. Plane and Glider
    9. Changing_an_aerator (pdf)
    10. Changing an aerator (video)
    11. Make a bee bath
    12. How to check your toilet for a leak (video)
    13. How to Replace Flapper (pdf)
    14. How to replace a toilet flapper (video)
    15. How to Filter Water with Plants (video)

Fact Sheets:
BJWSA publishes fact sheets on a variety of topics. See English and Spanish versions here.

Informational and fun videos:
Watch videos about BJWSA projects and processes on our YouTube channel.

Other fun activities:

Learn about our solar arrays

The sustainability of our beautiful Lowcountry environment is at the heart of every undertaking at BJWSA. We installed solar arrays in 2018 at the Port Royal Island and St. Helena Island water reclamation facilities. The arrays are part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G). The program will pay for itself in less than 10 years. See our dashboards to learn more about the impact of this program!


St Helena solar site monitor dashboard

Port Royal solar site monitor dashboard

Visit the Great Swamp


Take a virtual tour through our Great Swamp to see how BJWSA uses treated wastewater to help our local environment thrive.



Revisiting the Great Swamp



Learning is retained more and is more fun when there is interaction. BJWSA’s engineering department built a water system that allows students to create their own mini water system. This functioning apparatus is set up at STEAM festivals, school events and BJWSA presentations to educate others on pump systems, pipe systems and gravity. Watch the video below to see how a simple idea evolved into an innovative tool that serves to produce fun and challenging learning experiences.


Water Engineering System

Imagine a day without water

Imagine a Day Without Water is an opportunity for everyone who cares about safe, reliable water to stand up for our most essential resource. The infrastructure that moves and treats water is often invisible and forgotten. Imagine A Day Without Water draws attention to how impossible life would be without water. We want water providers, agencies, utilities, mayors, legislators, elected officials at every level, advocates, engineers and YOU to join us.

Track your usage by downloading a copy of our Water Awareness Journal. Once you’re done, send it to Lou Brown at